Promotional Offers Zone

Promotional Scheme for Landline / Broadband / FTTH (Bharat Fiber) Customers

Promotional Offer :
  • A discount of Rs. 200/- p.m. for first 6 months to all the existing customers (other than Government category connections) who are ready to convert their Landline/Broadband connection (copper) to FTTH connection across any FTTH plan. This offer valid for 90Days w.e.f. 25-10-2023
  • Installation charges for Landline/Broadband connections (Copper/FTTH/AirFibre) is NIL up to 31-03-2024 for all account types (except Govt. account type) across monthly/higher payment subscription in all circles

Installation Charges of Rs. 250/- (for copper connections) and Rs. 500/- (for Bharat Fibre connections) on BSNL’s Landline / Broadband connections (Copper / Fibre / AirFibre) waived off w.e.f. 23-11-2022 till 31-03-2023 on promotional basis for cutomers under Individual Account Type
Sl. No. Facility Installation Charges (in Rs.)
1 NPC with only Broadband 250/-
2 NPC with only Voice service 250/-
3 NPC with Combo plan having voice and broadband 250/-
4 Provisioning of Broadband service over the existing voice service 250/-
  • Nil installation charges for LL/DSL/Bharat Fiber (Voice/Broadband Only/Combo) connection may be levied for those customers who opts Annual/Higher Payment options.
  • Nil Installation charges shall be levied for the BBoWiFi connection provided through Broadband over WiFi Service Providers (BWSPs).

Security Deposit Charges for Landline & Broadband Plans
S. No. Particular Amount
1 Security Deposit for Landline only (For Local + STD) plan Rs.500/-
2 Security Deposit for Broadband Standalone Plan Rs. 500/-*
3 Security Deposit for Broadband Combo Plans with FMC upto Rs.500/- Rs.500/-*
4 Security Deposit for Broadband Combo Plans with FMC > Rs.500/- One month FMC charge*
5 Security Deposit for "Broadband only" plan One Month FMC
Security Deposit for ISD remains same as earlier, Rs.2000/-
*Note: Under Broadband Combo & Broadband Standalone plans, no separate Security deposit for Landline shall be levied.

S. No. Facility under Bharat Fiber service Installation Charges of Rs. 500/- waived off up to 31-03-2024 on promotional basis. Installation Charges under annual/Higher Payment option (in Rs.)
1 NPC with only Broadband service 500/- NIL
2 NPC with only Voice service 500/- NIL
3 NPC with Combo plan having voice and broadband 500/- NIL
4 Provisioning of Broadband service over the existing voice service 250/- NIL
5 Provisioning of Voice service over the existing Broadband service NIL NA
* If ONT/Modem is taken on rent from BSNL or ONT/Modem is purchased by the customer from outside and installation by BSNL.

No separate installation charge for the ONT installation shall be levied over & above the service level installation charges as mentioned above per connection under Bharat Fiber category.

Bundled WiFi ONT with FTTH connections in selected PAN India Bharat Fibre Broadband plans under committed payment options
SL. No. Fixed Monthly Charges (FMC) of PAN India FTTH plan (in Rs.) Committed period Type of WiFi ONT provided by TIPs to Customers
1 599/799/999/1499 - Single Band WiFi ONT
2 599/799/999/1499 - Dual Band WiFi ONT
  • Since above bundled WiFi ONT is available with committed plans, therefore, no refund will be made in case of disconnection within committed period.
  • No other discount/offer shall be clubbed with this offering. However, installation charges for such connections shall be as per prevailing scheme.
  • WiFi ONT shall be supplied directly to customer by partner without additional cost and at the time of surrender of connections, the ONT will be the sole property of TIP.

ONT Security Deposit (Rs.)* 500
ONT Charges per month (Rs.)[When taken on rent] WiFi ONT : Rs. 150/- and Non-WiFi ONT* : Rs. 90/-
FTTH BB customers can use their own purchased ONT from market, subject to interoperability with BSNL OLT -
*Rs. 110/-shall be levied as additional charges to make the Non-WiFi ONT as WiFi.

Promotional scheme under GSM Prepaid Services

Promotional Offers under GSM services
  • 75 GB extra data with PV2399 and PV2999, if recharged between 04-08-2022 to 31.08.2022.
  • Full Talk Time on Top–Up of Rs.150 from 15th to 21st August,2022
Regular Offers under GSM services
  • Multiple Recharge offer available with vouchers Voice-99,319. Data- 56,98,151,198,298,1515 PV: 229, 666, 699, 997, 999, 1499, 1999. Combo-97,118,147,187,199,247,399,429,485,499,599.
  • Full Talk of Topup of Rs 220,500,550,1100,2000,3000,5000,6000
  • TalkUp:TalkTime Rs 10:7.48 , 20:14.95 , 30:22.42 , 40:30.9 , 50:39.37 , 60:47.85 , 70:56.32 , 80:64.8 , 90:73.27 , 100:81.75 , 110:90.22 , 150:124.12 , 200:166.49 , 300:251.24 , 1000:844.46
  • Automatic validity extension in Grace period-I/II and change in GP by Deducting Rs.2 from main balance on the first day of GP-I and revert the connection in active state for 1 day in the same active plan without any freebies for active plan. However, the automatic validity extension scheme for customers having balance more than or equal to “Plan voucher” amount, then “Plan voucher” amount is to be deducted and the customer to be reverted back to active in the same active plan with applicable freebies. This will continue without any change.