It is central office based communication service, which integrates all your multi located telephone lines (Existing and New) into a single highly functional communication group with more distinctive features without any additional equipment (like EPABX) at your premises. Highly cost effective, Free Intra Centrex calls, No worry to select innovative (PBXs) equipment, No risk of obsolescence of technology, No requirement of power supply, No need to waste valuable floor space, No annual maintenance charges, totally flexible are some of the salient features of Centrex facility.

Centrex Tariff Charges & other Conditions:

The following conditions are prescribed for the provision of Centrex facility:

  • The registration amount, initial deposit, monthly rental, installation charges, etc for DELs under Centrex shall be same as normal DEL.
  • The monthly plan charges shall be levied on each DELs covered under Centrex as under:
    Number of DELs in Centrex Fixed Monthly Centrex Plan charges
    2 Rs. 50 per DEL
    3 Rs. 75 per DEL
    4 & above Rs. 100 per DEL
  • All intra Centrex calls shall be free.
  • The free monthly call shall be allowed on the DELs covered under the Centrex.
  • There is no upper limit on the number of members in the Centrex group.
  • The option of consolidated billing, payment and discount, under the " Corporate Account Holders scheme" where applicable, may be provided to the groups or organizations covered under the Centrex.However, the condition of combined billing for all the DELs covered therein shall be mandatory. In other words, wherever technically feasible to generate single/consolidated billing/payment the Centrex feature shall be offered, otherwise it will not be provided. However, existing Centrex groups may continue even without consolidated billing/payment.
  • The DELs belonging to public services like, call centers, enquiry numbers, ISP Dial in numbers, paging service numbers, etc., besides franchises, PCO holders shall not be part of the Centrex group.
Who can subscribe for Voice Virtual Private Network service?
  • Good for institutions, Government departments and businesses.
  • All type of companies, distributors, firms, institutions, housing society etc
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