Limited Fixed Mobile Telephony

Limited Fixed Mobile Telephone is facility of fixed telephone number with O/G and I/C calls on smart mobile devices such as smart phones with wi-fi facility. The smart phone need to download App and with connectivity with BSNL broadband modem (say on wi-fi) the customer can receive and also able to make outgoing calls using Limited Fixed Mobile Telephony App available on smart phone handsets. This service is in no way linked with mobile operator service / customer SIM in mobile handset. This service can be availed as add on service for existing BSNL customer having BSNL broadband / Combo or new customer opting for BSNL broadband Combo. Separate telephone number will be provided to customer to avail this service.

This service will give advantage of smart phones like using contacts, logs and better voice quality where mobile signals are poor. In order to restrict usage with in customer premises ( office or residence) , the BSNL broadband will have to be provided and use with will restricted to access through BSNL broadband of customer at Residence / office only. + Limited FMT Call charges will be as applicable for basic service.

 LFMT App configuration to make video calling

Limited FMT Tariff for existing & new customers:

S/N Particulars Descriptions
Fixed monthly charges No separate Fixed monthly charges for Limited FMT service
2 Registration Charges NIL
3 Installation & Activation Charges Nil ( No instruments / handset by BSNL)
4 Free Calls Nil
5 Call Charges For new customer As per Basic/Broadband Combo Plan
For existing customer As per existing Basic/Broadband combo plan.
6 Static IP for Broadband Plan Static IP is free for Limited FMT Plan irrespective of Broadband FMC charge
7 Data Charges Data must be counted in BSNL broadband usage and part of broadband.
8 Applicability of night free calling & all Sundays scheme. Yes

Limited FMT Tariff for BB only & Internet leased line customers:

S/N Particulars Descriptions
Fixed monthly charges NIL
2 Registration Charges NIL
3 Security Deposit If sufficient security deposit is not available against BB only plan/ILL.
a Local + STD Rs.500/-
b Local +STD+ISD Rs.2000/-
4 Installation charges Nil
5 Free Calls Nil (Free night calling & All Sunday free calling scheme allowed)
6 Call Charges Rs.1.10 (Local + STD) on all network
7 Pulse rate As per basic landline plan
8 ISD charges As per basic plan
9 Data Charges Data be counted in BSNL broadband/Internet LL usage and part of broadband/Internet LL

What is neede for LFMT

    You should have :
  • A laptop/mobile or any device which can connect to internet over broadband/ wifi / data network of any operator.
  • BSNL Soft client or an easily available Open source Soft Client like Zoiper, CSipSlmple, Linphone etc.

How to Activate

  • Customer can login to the portal by clicking the link obtained his/her e-mail (after creating the work order in CRM). It will re-direct the customer to LFMT Portal of NCNGN i.e.
  • For activation, customer should enter the username & password in LFMT portal. Username is customer e-mail ID written in CAF, Password is to be created by the subscriber himself. Once those are submitted, customer will be redirected to next page for LFMT registration. Here, click the sub-menu : LFMT ACTIVATION. Here, PIN will be asked.
  • After entering the PIN (PIN sent over e-mail) if the number is created in NGN the OTP is sent to customer mobile. The after verifying the OTP, customer is asked to set the password for LFMT number.
  • Once the password is set, the Incoming and Outgoing Call barring is removed and status of the number along with other registration details and static IP are provided to the customer.
  • The static IP with which the LFMT number is bound in LFMT server is also displayed

How to Use

  • Download the zoiper app from portal. For manual configuration in any other soft client download, follow the procedure available in portal for configuration of soft client
  • Get the following SIP Account related settings from the Operators (BSNL)
    1. Registered Tel. No.
    2. User name & password
    3. Authorization username
    4. Domain name

Benefits of LFMT

  • Mobile smartphones acting like a cordless phone, within Wi-Fi zone
  • No additional rent/cost
  • Can make call even in no signal/poor signal/zero talk value condition. It is independent of mobile network & SIM
  • can enjoy the usual benefits of landline calling like free night calling, Sunday free calling etc.
  • Can have record of both outgoing and incoming call
  • Can utilize contact list from mobile handset.
  • Can make local/STD/ISD call as per entitlement of basic landline.
  • Can make data call over Broadband network.
  • Static IP free of cost.
  • Customer must have BSNL Broadband connectivity, but any mobile customer, even from other TSP can avail of the facility.


    You should have :
  • Smartphone with OS Android/ Apple/ Windows
  • Standrad Session Initiating Protocol compliant Application Software like ZOIPER, LINPHONE, CSIP etc. to be loaded into Smartphone for linking the Static IP of Wi-Fi Modem to MAC address of Smartphone.
  • BSNL Broadband customers need to submit application form to CSC.

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